About our clique

Studio Clique

Studio Clique is a total look womenswear label founded in 2021 by colleagues and fashion soulmates Britt, Julie & Michèle. After working closely together in both wholesale and retail they wanted to take their shared passion to the next level by exploring a whole new side of the multifaced fashion business: designing their own collection. Driven by the struggle of finding timeless and wearable designs that just have that extra “je ne sais quoi”, their first collection emerged spontaneously from their own personal fashion cravings. With Paris as their muse, they were inspired by the Parisian woman’s everyday city life, creating a collection that is capable of building her entire wardrobe. An important business meeting, romantic night out or casual lunch with friends? Studio Clique wants to offer a unique collection, where every single item can be mixed and matched according to the occasion.

Studio Clique is all about timeless and wearable designs that just have that extra “je ne sais quoi“.

Selecting beautiful fabrics and creating customized prints for their clean yet beautiful cuts is the essence of what this “clique” wants to stand for. For Studio Clique fashion is not about trends, but about transforming something simple into something special. How? By combining different textures, colors and patterns, and matching the unmatchable. Blending all their designs together in harmony to create the perfect look, without ever compromising on comfort of women’s day-to-day existence. Curious to find out more about their elegant and effortless collections, that are lasting in both quality and style? You’re only one “clique” away of discovering our latest looks for modern, stylish and sophisticated women. Find everything you need on studio-clique.com, or visit one of the retailers that joined our “clique”.